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Add to our Flower Map…Great Women INSPIRE wants to know…Who inspires you?
At Great Women INSPIRE, our goal over the next six months is to showcase a great woman from each state in the USA. Help us highlight great women from your state. Visit and share a story or provide contact information about a great woman making a difference in her community and beyond. We want all who visit our website to see a dynamic world filled with possibilities. Together, we can INSPIRE the world.

First Great Women INSPIRE honorees (Over the next six months, we will update the map. Next update will be October 31, 2016.)

  • CA ~ Lynne Friedmann ~  Science Journalist, Educator
  • NJ ~ Carli Lloyd ~ Soccer Legend, Two-time Olympic gold medalist, FIFA Women’s World Cup Champion 2015
  • FL ~ Lorraine Dutkowsky ~ Business Woman, and Philanthropist
  • CO ~ Emily and Betsy Núñez, sisters and founders of Sword & Plough
  • RI ~ Frances Booth ~ LICSW, founder of Mind Body Matters, is a social worker, trainer, consultant, speaker, therapist.
  • CT ~ Jahana Hayes ~ National Teacher of the Year 2016. A history teacher at John F. Kennedy High School in Waterbury, CT.
  • District of Columbia ~ Allyson Kapin ~ Founder of Women Who Tech

Visit and submit a story about a Great Woman or suggest someone we should highlight.

Great Women INSPIRE ~ Be Them, Know Them, and Raise Them.

Side Note: Great Women INSPIRE is located in Burlingame, CA in the San Francisco Bay Area. Given our Silicon Valley location, during our  first month, we showcased ten Great Women from CA. However, with our goal to highlight great women from around the USA and are asking for your help. Tell us about a great woman from your state. Let’s honor women from every state. Thank you. 

50 Great Women INSPIRE from Around the USA. Share a Story about a Great Women from Your State.

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