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Meet Marta Becket. Since 1966, this ex-Broadway dancer has created art, ballet, and wonderment at the Amargosa Opera House in Death Valley, CA. This video tells HerStory of following dreams, creating beauty and sharing this treasure with others. For example, when she didn’t have an audience she went about painting one. Her six-year endeavor transformed this magical theater. Today, the performances are done by Jenna McClintock of Oakland, CA. Jenna was drawn to preserve Marta’s work.

Great Women INSPIRE’s favorite quote in the video from Marta, “Empty spaces are places to paint what is possible.”

This video was created by Visit California to honor Marta Becket on the 38th anniversary of Marta’s first performance.

Marta ~ Thank you for sharing your dreams, your talent and for creating wonderment.

Marta Becket and Jenna McClintock ~ You INSPIRE Us!

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