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Renee Liang, born under the Year of Tiger, elegantly reached the age of 90 in the spring of 2016. For such a milestone birthday, she chose to spend it quietly with her immediate family, no gathering of relatives and friends for a birthday celebration. No spotlights, Thank you.
She was a linguistic teacher for nearly 30 years before retiring at the age of 80 and moved to the San Francisco area. With her passion for sharing knowledge and caring disposition for people around her, her students and colleagues continue to be an integral part of her retirement life – keeping her busy via phone calls, emails, social media or Skype. Many make San Francisco a special stop in their travels as they love to be near her and respect her dearly.
She is a modern day Joy Luck Club hostess – When one of her daughters wanted to improve her Mah-Jong skill, she and her friends would meet at Renee’s home once a month. There were always table-full of Asian delicacy from Dim Sim to dry persimmons to ginger candies or unnamed dried fruits, plus many choices of Teas – some for their fragrance, some for health, in buds, in leaves, in bags or in powder. She takes great pride planning the afternoon and the presentation is like her, elegant but never over the top. The highlight of the event was not how well the players apply the complex rules in their plays or who can outsmart the next player’s strategy but the tidbits of culture and history or stories of her life-lesson she shared that made the afternoons complete.
We applaud Renee teaching from her heart and continuing her lifetime accomplishments. She is a rare person in our society.

Renee Liang ~ You INSPIRE Us!

Renee T.C. Lin Liang, Spirit of Teaching and Elegance

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