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Y Combinator adds an interesting new idea to their blog, the macro. ~ “We’ve recruited a group of female engineers to try an experiment with us called “Ask A Female Engineer.”

Note: Y Combinator is a legendary Silicon Valley start-up accelerator. Y Combinator lives by a 4-word inspiring motto, “Make Something People Want”. 

At Great Women INSPIRE, here are a few items we like about this idea:

  • First, we love experiments
  • Increases the opportunity for insightful conversations with and about women-in-tech
  • Interesting questions and frank answers
  • Varied opinions and experiences
  • Anonymous identities for all participants to foster an honest sharing of ideas
  • Supports growing STEM careers for women
  • Request for participation and feedback (Consider this post as our “participation & feedback”.)

Great Women INSPIRE is asking women engineers from around the USA to consider being a part of this Y Combinator idea experiment. From the Y Combinator post: If you have questions you’d like to anonymously ask, or if you’re a female software developer who would like to participate, please email

At Great Women INSPIRE, one of our goals is to see more women in STEM jobs. This Y Combinator idea helps current women engineers as well as young women considering STEM career opportunities.

A suggestion from GWI ~ YC should reach out to universities doing an exceptional job with women-in-tech. One example: See our post about Harvey Mudd College next to this post on our website.

Here’s the Y Combinator blog post:

Our Summation to Y Combinator ~ More Please!


Eileen Chen, Great Women INSPIRE Founder

Y Combinator Introduces “Ask a Female Engineer”

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